Sunday Service Time
9:00 AM  First Worship Service 
Children's Church at the same time
11:00 AM  Second Worship Service  
Children's and Adult Bible Classes at the same time

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM 
(757) 547-5971

Our Location
253 Saint Lukes Church Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23320



To be a church that knows and loves God passionately and strives to make Him known and loved both at home and throughout the world.
This vision is put into practice in the three areas of church life that we emphasize: COMMUNION with God, COMMUNITY with one another, and COMMISSION to the world near and far. 


The 5 Purposes of Community Church Of Chesapeake, in conformity to the biblical pattern are:

  1. WORSHIP: To praise and worship the Living God individually and corporately.
  2. FELLOWSHIP: To fellowship as God’s family, promoting commitment to one another within our local church.
  3. DISCIPLESHIP: To build up believers for godly living both individually and corporately according to the means of grace contained in the Scriptures.
  4. MINISTRY: To help every believer discover their gifting and ministry so as to serve and build up each other in the church, and to extend grace and mercy to our neighbor.
  5. MISSION: To maintain the terms of the Church’s Great Commission, spreading the Gospel Of Christ through word and deed through personal and corporate involvement, both at home and abroad.


The Means to accomplish these purposes are:

  • Teaching the Bible consistently and thoroughly, with application of its principles.
  • Establishing prayer as a priority in the life of the church.
  • Training and encouraging disciples to be a witness for Christ within our sphere of influence.
  • Promoting personal and financial involvement with church ministry, local ministry, and foreign missions.
  • Practicing the ordinances of water baptism and the Lord's table.
  • Sharing community life within the body by promoting participation in:  
    • one-on-one discipleship for intimate sharing, and personal growth
    • small groups for collective sharing and interactive growth
    • united meetings for corporate worship and teaching.
  • Nurturing the exercise of individual spiritual gifts for the edification of the whole.
  • Strengthening home and family life.

Our History

Our church was formed by a small group of residents from Chesapeake. Most of the beginning congregation attended Tabernacle Church of Norfolk, a church started by John Dunlap. They had their first meeting during Tab's Sunday School hour on Easter, 1979. They continued meeting until Summer, and were joined by a few families from the Virginia Beach Community Chapel. In May 1979 the church met officially in Chesapeake, for the first time, at the home of Paul and Bobbie Hardesty.  John Dunlap served as the original pastor and Pastor Garrick filled in when needed.

After five months the fellowship had outgrown the Hardesty home with 55 attending regularly. They met for a brief time at Tidewater Community College and then used the facilities at the Twiford Funeral Home in Great Bridge, free of charge. Tom and Mabel Kenny (Pastor at Peninsula Community Chapel) took time off from seminary during those early, crucial months. Tom and Mabel organized the children's ministry and developed a Sunday evening Small Group program. They started neighborhood visitation that resulted in 250 homes being contacted and supervised the neighborhood ACTION Clubs providing continuity to the whole venture. 

Gene Garrick, of Tab Church sent an introductory letter to all the friends of Tabernacle Church and extended ministries which explained the philosophy of ministry for the beginning of this new church with three distinctives:

  1. Encouraging personal growth in individuals by teaching God's word and emphasizing those basic Scriptural truths that unite and strengthen all Christians
  2. Exhibiting a genuine caring community of people who are committed to the Lord and to one another.
  3. Extending the message of Christ's love and salvation locally and worldwide.